Experiences and attractions in Alberobello



This place, a UNESCO heritage site, is certainly one of the unmissable destinations in Apulia. The charm of these houses in stone, cone-shaped, built dry, positioning one stone on the other, but with specifications that only a master "trullaro" knows, has no limits, so much so that since decades thousand tourists from all over the world land here.

Although cone-shaped buildings can be dated back to prehistoric times, the main origin of the trullo is set in the 14th century when the area was under the domain of the King of Naples; taxes were imposed for the new settlements and therefore as soon as a kingdom messenger came for controlling, it would not have been difficult for the owner to break down the trullo and rebuild it immediately afterwards.

However, there is a curious coincidence ... In the city of Harran in Turkey, the houses have the same shape as our trulli ... and we know very well how the Turks in those same centuries carried out numerous raids in Puglia!

Lose yourself on a sultry sunny day in the Rione Monti, with its over 1000 trulli!

Let then that the esotericism (will it be so?) of those strange symbols drawn on the cones transpire from the explanations of the local people, those people who still walk in those strange houses, as if time on that hill stopped few centuries ago!


Experiences:   Tour off road in Jeep managed by Dirigo, discovering trulli in the countryside


Events:           Town festival (September 25-28)

                      Light games on the trulli (during Christmas holidays)




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