Experiences and attractions in Monopoli



The name comes from the Greek Monos Polis, that means unique city; this proves its really ancient origin, since in former times Monopoli represented the only ihabited settlement in an area of square kilometres. If you are an history lover, therefore, you cannot miss a visit to the nearby museum of Egnatia, visiting the ruins of the Messapian necropolis, the Via Traiana and the finds from the Bronze Age.

Monopoli has always been a maritime town with attitudes for trading and fishing; in the past its citizens traded for example with the well-known maritime cities of Venice and Amalfi; a must is therefore a visit to Palazzo Martinelli (in Venetian style) and to the church of Santa Maria degli amalfitani as evidence of this.

Here in Monopoli stopped the crusaders who went to the Holy Land, the Knights Hospitallers of San Giovanni, whose hospital and annexed small church, are still there;  the abbey of Santo Stefano, 4 km south of the town, dates back to the same period.

The history of Monopoli and the sea twists once again in 1117, when a painting of the Madonna placed on a raft landed in the harbour; that painting depicting today the protector of the town is visible in the awesome baroque cathedral!

We don't want to add anything else ... we want the story of that painting, the one of the knights, those of our fishermen at sea, be told by the same old men of our ancient village, let yourself be held by the warmth of our people!

But the ones who choose Monopoli, also choose to relax by the sea. The one in the picture is the beach of Portavecchia, the first of a long series of sandy inlets going in south direction (there are very few from Monopoli north direction for over 100 km!). Those who choose Monopoli therefore, enjoy the experience of going out their accommodation and walking on the shore after few steps to dive into our waters still hot until October!

After the sea, the day can be completed with a walk and a lunch in a restaurant with outdoor seats of the historic downtown, or with a tour of our countryside to discover our ancient olive trees, our ancient fortified farms or our rocky churches.


Experiences:  Have fun at the Aquapark of Egnatia (4km south);

Tour in bicycle by Apulia La Finestra sul Mare to discover our countruside with ancient olive trees, and our fortified farms.

Events:           Celebrations for “Madonna della Madia” (August 15th and December 16th)

                        Phest international Photo festival (beginning September – end October)




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